OIG Making Widespread Review of Questionable Billing Practices for Pediatric Dental Services – Louisiana Included

The Office of Inspector General of the United States Department of Health and Human Services is reviewing questionable billing practices related to Medicaid billing for pediatric dental services throughout Louisiana. A description of this state and national initiative can be found here.

The study claims to have identified numerous dentists in Louisiana who are “extreme outliers” when compared to their peers. Medicaid purportedly paid these providers $12.4 million in calendar year 2012. Both state and federal authorities believe that much of this money was improperly paid for services that were never actually rendered, services that were medically unnecessary, or excessive number of services.

Federal and state subpoenas have been issued and will likely be followed other subpoenas and document requests in the near future. Affected dentists have been requested to produce extensive documentation including all related patient charts.

Updates to this important national and state fraud investigation will be made here as developments occur.

Written by: A.G. (Alec) Alexander, III

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